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Chow 160 Zombie Slayer Wips

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Erica the Zombie Slayer

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Cool topic for this round of chow,  been doing some sketches to try flush this character out… this is what i have so far.


and a short leg version:p


Thomas “The Baron” Cochrane

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Did this one today, heres the final.

You can check out the other entries here, awesome round:



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Heres a cityscape piece i finally got round to finishing.


The Outlaw: cowboy scribbles

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Topic this week is “The Outlaw,” Thomas ‘The Baron’ Cochrane. So heres some scribbles i did today.


Chow 158 The Green Fairy

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Ok, this is what i got so far. Will be submitting it for the chows tonight.


Chow 158 Wip for Green Fairy

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This weeks topic is “The Green Fairy”

This one has been requested a few times, so here you are. The personification of absinthe, often referred to as “The Green Fairy”.

Illicit, mysterious, and often thought of as an aphrodisiac and narcotic (both of which probably aren’t true), the Green Fairy was a symbol for artists around the turn of the century.

Will be keeping this one really simple, and maybe stylized too if i can :p See how things go.  Some awesome entries in there so far. Can view them here: