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Posted in Characters on June 30, 2009 by rodimus25

Hmmm, seems like i’m on a roll with RPG characters,  so heres another to throw into the mix. A female Ranger character, gain abit too polished, not wat i was after, but happy with the result… must try to keep strokes more loose, maybe the next one @_@!




Posted in Characters on June 29, 2009 by rodimus25

A random for the day, Barbarian character with big ass axe and some sort of skull totem headpiece… rrrrraaaaggggggggggggghhhhhh! Painted this one during the day, bit of influence from Diablo. Abit of an experimentational piece as well, based of really rough sketch, and just trying to refine brush strokes as well as keeping it simple. Anyway heres the result, may have came out abit to polished, back to the drawing board… i mean wacom 😉


Scribbles from the deep

Posted in Characters on June 26, 2009 by rodimus25

Something done awhile back, well late last year. Never got around to finishing this one off, but was fun to come up with deep sea characters.  Also a couple of oldies, some i retouched.






Dragon Battle

Posted in Characters, Environments on June 25, 2009 by rodimus25

Reworked from the last image, as i wasn’t too happy with the composition. Kinda liked the way this one turned out, but there are some minor changes i’d like to make, but guess its time to move onto another piece… meh! :p


Portrait re-worked

Posted in Characters, Environments on June 18, 2009 by rodimus25

Changes made for the better, meh:p


Boy vs Dragon!!!

Posted in Characters on June 15, 2009 by rodimus25

Did this one for a friend at work who wants to turn this into a game… did this as a quick rough, then flushed it out from there, fun topic to paint too.



Posted in Environments on June 15, 2009 by rodimus25

Took my time wit this piece, worked on it on and off periods. Happy with the colors and way whole thing turned out… so another one for the blog:p