Superman 2015

Sucky times . I’ve been made redundant from my job as a games concept artist (+4.3 years),  so am now on the hunt for work, be it freelance/contract or fulltime…  i guess its time to move onto a new chapter.

Heres some stuff that never saw the day of light. This was a little workshop exercise with some colleagues from work. The aim was to redesign superman for the upcoming movie. Heres my take on it, guess u can submit this stuff under fan art :p The final design was pushed towards more of an alien krytonian battle suit, the styles and patterns of the suit was strongly influenced by Moebius designs. Kept supermans facial features as close to Alex Ross’s interpretation of the man of steel. For the Clark concepts, we explored a variety of outfits. Ranging from camp and swarve to outdoors/man of action. In the end i liked the idea of field reporter, not dressed in a suit, but in your everyday wear, casual jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of cons. The superman symbol was a brainstorming session, but we finally arrived at something everyone was happy with. Its similiar to the old school “S” symbol, but has  a bolder edgier graphic feel to it. Hope you all likes.


5 Responses to “Superman 2015”

  1. Was very sad to see you go Roddy. With great stuff like this though, I have no doubt you’ll land on your feet soon!

    I love the final designs dude, and that ‘S’ logo rocks!

    • Thanks Mikey, hows things in melb? I applied for Bluetongue there, did all the interviews and all that jazz, only to find out fortnight later there’s no vacancies. Ah well, job hunting still continues. Hope you’re well mate.

  2. Hey Rod I love your art man, it’s profesh.
    Hope to catch up with man, keep in contact
    and Blog me too!


  3. Just based on the recent comicbook redesign of Superman, I did a search to see if 5 minutes on google could net something better. It did.

    This is terrific work. Reverential without being slavish. Armored without being bulky. Hip without losing the icon. You should be employed based on this design alone. Bravo.

  4. I want a Superman movie in 2015 and action figure toys.

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