Pablo & The Latones

Some freelance work which i can now show alittle, as its been plugged on facebook.

Pablo’s Way
“The character Pablo, is the leader of the Latones. Pablo plays the bass and loves to sing about things that matter to him. He is really passionate about people following their dreams and not letting “society” control their future!

Pablo and his friends are like a family. The Latones would do anything for Pablo, and Pablo’s always has their backs, especially when Manders and his soldiers are around!”

Pablo’s Way
“Cherry is Pablo’s girlfriend and plays the violin for the Latones. Both brave and deadly this little lady is more than a match for a soldier or two.

Cherry is often the voice of reason for the passionate Latones. Her quick thinking has gotten them out of some very tight situations.”

Pablo’s Way
“Rommel is the saxophone player for the Latones’, but don’t let his smooth exterior fool you. Rommel is one fiery cat!

This heart strong street fighter is sure to cause trouble for the Soldiers of Swanson with his deadly knife throwing. You can be sure that trouble is never far behind Rommel, especially when his best friend Tom has anything to say about it.”

Pablo’s Way
“Manders leads the Soldiers of Swanson in the pursuit to enforce the Minister’s just laws. To Manders the law is not questionable. Its infallible, its dogma, and its always Black and White.

Manders has spent his whole life in the Minister’s service. Hunting rebellious scum is his job, and Manders takes his job very seriously. He knows just how to deal with outlaws like Pablo and the Latones. With an iron fist and no mercy.”

Character discription for Pablo’s Way by Paul Sciberras .

Stay tuned! More characters to come, plus some cover art!


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