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Pablo and the Latones: Cover and Sketches

Posted in Characters, Environments, Sketches on June 26, 2010 by rodimus25

Some more freelance work done for Paul Sciberras website Pablo and the Latones. Go check it out here


Invasion Updated

Posted in Characters, Creature, Environments on June 21, 2010 by rodimus25

Went back and did some more on this one, so its no longer a speedpaint. Started adding more detail to buildings and robots, also added some fighter jets in the mix. All out chaos when robot invades!

Seaside Ride

Posted in Characters, Environments on June 18, 2010 by rodimus25

Another quick environment paint, actually the bike took me longer 😛 As i went through couple of designs before found something i was happy with… yeah does look like the akira bike though.

Speedpaint 16.06.2010

Posted in Environments on June 16, 2010 by rodimus25

Roughed this one couple nights back, decided to finish it up, but keep it really loose. Big robot and punny humans :D!

Mech Speedpaint

Posted in Characters on June 12, 2010 by rodimus25

Meant to be a quicky speedy, but may have spent alittle longer on it, all up maybe 40-50min.

Bangers and Soldier

Posted in Characters on June 4, 2010 by rodimus25

Pablo’s Way
“The Soldiers of Swanson are the merciless and efficient right hand of the Minister. They have one objective, Enforce the laws of Swanson… at any price!

Law abiding citizens and rebellious criminals alike have much to fear from the Soldiers of Swanson. They are loyal to their leader Manders, and will follow his every direction without fear or question.”

Pablo’s Way
“Bangers is Pablo’s best friend and the drummer for the Latones. This goliath of a man is all heart and always puts his friends before himself.

With his two enormous war hammers and very short temper, Manders better watch out if he thinks this outlaw will come along quietly! ”

Character discription for Pablo’s Way by Paul Sciberras . More to come!