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Poster Sketches

Posted in Characters, Sketches on April 19, 2013 by rodimus25

Guess the movie, pretty obvious.

matrix_trinity matrix_neo


Dorothy of OZ Gameplay Screen

Posted in Characters, Environments, Sketches on October 3, 2012 by rodimus25

Carrying on from the last post, the new topic was to get the characters you created and put them into a gameplay environment. I chose a 2d sidescroller with emphasis on art/design and colors.

Dorothy of OZ

Posted in Characters, Creature, Sketches on September 19, 2012 by rodimus25

Topic this week at Hart was to design a group of characters that would fit well into a game, as well as be marketable. Mass production of plushies, and other cutesy dolls etc. I kinda missed the cute/cuddly bit, and went of on a tangent with this one. Decided to go with  L. Frank Baum’s classical Wizard of Oz.  Good fun to be designing characters on the fly again though. Would love to take this to polish at some stage, but for now its as is.

Concept Art for a Cancelled Project 2011

Posted in Characters, Environments, Robots, Sketches on August 10, 2012 by rodimus25

Aftermath from the alien invasion, our heroes crash land into downtown Manhattan and begin their epic journey. One of the first concepts i did when i came onboard this project. The idea was to wreck shit up 🙂 Good times.

A paint over of outsourced concept, to get the time of day correct, as well as add in additional elements to the existing shot.

Internal Mothership concepts, had a blast doing these, also a great learning process too.

Original concept by James Brouwer, had to do a quick repaint to match to ingame art style.
Queens Chambers and more interior mothership concepts

Some props and spaceship concepts

Concepting some specialeffects.Some early character concept ideations.

This project was a blast and the artist i worked with were a fantastic bunch of people (Jez, Bob, James, Alex and Brad).  A lot of hard work went into this project, and also a couple of late night sprints too. It would have been great to see this whole project through. Ah well, onto bigger and better things i guess.

Playing around on Sculptris

Posted in Characters, Creature, Sketches on February 15, 2012 by rodimus25

First time attempt at Sculpting in 3d, using Sculptris, this was done as part of a weekly art challenge at work, spent about 40mins on this one.

Update to brushtest & Character turnarounds.

Posted in Characters, Environments, Sketches on April 23, 2011 by rodimus25

Updated this image some more, think i’m getting somewhere with this one, so here’s another progress update.

plus a 2d character test submission done awhile back.

Happy Easter Internets.

Brush experimentation

Posted in Characters, Environments, Sketches on February 26, 2011 by rodimus25

Had some downtime at work, so decided to explore my collection of photoshop brushes, was heaps fun.